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less footprint,
more imprint

There are indelible imprints

That of Neil Armstrong on the lunar surface. Those of Laetoli, in Tanzania, covering 3.85 million years of evolution. Or those of Norfolk, the oldest in Europe, 800,000 years ago.
Imprints on the time curve. When Europe was not yet Europe and the world was not yet aware of being Europe.
The footprint manifests itself and leaves a trace. The imprint is subtle, personal, non-transferable. It bears witness to the passage of an invisible form.

less footprint,
more imprint

Serafí Serafí

33% of our electricity consumption comes from the Photovoltaic Solar Energy plant located in our facilities, thanks to which we have avoided the emission of:

128040.11 kg


the equivalent of planting:

8830 trees

imprint is to avoid emissions

The coolprint® printing system is Serafí's hallmark

Our own resources have allowed us to offer new products full of character and uniqueness, created with the latest technology.
Coolprint® was created in response to the changing needs of our customers. It offers products printed on any surface, which captivate the eye, touch and smell of those who hold them in their hands.

serafí coolprint® system

Serafí Serafí

Serafí is constant innovation, never being satisfied

Any demand, any doubt, always requires an answer. Serafí knows that there are no limits, only new horizons. Every project is a new opportunity.

imprint is about doing things differently

Serafí Serafí

Making a mark

If you can imagine it, we will help you achieve it. We invite you to enter a new world through graphic arts, beyond simple papers, colours or typographies.
A world of sensations, textures, smells and suggestive images; a box, an envelope, a catalogue, a leaflet containing secrets to be discovered.

imprint is multiplicity and uniqueness

Serafí Serafí

Because the impression is the character, the retina, the stroke of the handwriting, the smile

Innovation, adaptability, high standards and passion for our profession have been and always have been our hallmarks since 1964.

imprint is not to conform

Serafí Gázquez Mañas, founder of Serafí in 1964 Serafí Serafí

Closing the loop: much more than a finished product

Craft imprint is more than personalisation, customisation and production of a finished product. It goes beyond the strict services of a conventional printing company, and completes the assembly of the product, from its conceptualisation to its final presentation, which can be as personalised as desired.
A turnkey service that helps to solve customised marketing campaigns, corporate gifts or business presentation packs that are delivered to the customer as final products or can be shipped to the recipient as far away as possible.

craft imprint

Serafí Serafí

Meets technological imprint: industrial transfer

At Serafí, we work with the best technological partners. Catering to each customer's ambitions has helped us to push the available technology to the limits of experimentation and development.
This genuine demand has become a transfer of knowledge for technological innovation in printing machinery and digital IT systems that allow better process automation and a level of customisation far beyond the norm.
A transfer relationship that is based on a flow of trust. Since 2012, we are HP Reference Site


Serafí Serafí

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