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Quality Policy

Quality and Food Safety Policy

MS-01. Revision 00. Date 19.02.2024

Serafi Graphic Advertising Industry, Inc. (hereinafter, Serafi), is a family-owned company founded in 1964, committed to environmental responsibility, sustainability, and ethical responsibility. The purpose of this Policy is to define the guidelines for Serafi’s quality actions, in order to achieve, through our products, the complete satisfaction of our customers. This Policy is applicable to Serafi, as well as to all employees and members of the management board. At Serafi, we adhere to the following general principles of action:

  • We adapt to regulatory changes and comply with the legislation applicable to us.
  • We guarantee the quality and safety of our products.
  • We provide personalized attention to our customers, addressing their needs and maintaining continuous contact.
  • We effectively resolve any issues raised by a customer.
  • We have a professional and competent team, equipped with the necessary means and knowledge.
  • We have technology in line with the productive activities we carry out, which promotes innovation and the generation of added value to our products.
  • We maintain safe and adequate facilities, and periodically review the suitability of internal processes.
  • We comply with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standard FSC–STD-40-004 for chain of custody certification.
  • We continuously review quality objectives to ensure they are consistent with Serafi’s values and the requirements of stakeholders.


Additionally, at Serafi, we are committed to protecting the environment and our surroundings. Therefore, we comply with current legal regulations, adopt measures to prevent pollution, use natural resources efficiently such as utilizing photovoltaic solar energy, and, where possible, use recycled resources.

The management of Serafi is committed to disseminating this Quality Policy and ensuring that it is understood and embraced by all employees.

This policy has been approved by the management of Serafi, which, in order to ensure the continuous improvement of our products, will annually review its content and may update it, with immediate effect upon publication.

Terrassa, February 19, 2024.

Jaume Gázquez Moya
General Manager